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Why Get Branded Sticky Pads?
Branded sticky notes offer a branding opportunity unrivalled with most
promotional products.  Each pad can have 25, 50 or 100 sheets with each sheet
carrying your unique printed logo and company message.  

Branded 3M Post It Notes™ are available on request if you want to make a special impact. The possibilities are endless and need only be limited by your imagination. Speak to an expert now for advice and prices.


You can customise the sticky pads using your exact corporate brand colour by printing the sticky pads in 1, 2, 3 or 4 Pantone or PMS colours.  If you don't require specialist Pantone inks to be used, you can also brand each sheet of the sticky note pads using the CMYK printing method.

Possible Uses For Printed Sticky Pads?
Custom printed sticky pads or branded post it notes have a countless number of uses and they certainly have come a long way from their invention in 1968.  Back then you only got them made from plain paper, but today, now that you can full brand and customise sticky pads you can let your imagination run wild.  The application of the removable adhesive allows your message to be applied to almost any surface.

Printed sticky notes make make great promotional gifts, if you give a pad to a client, they will use this to take notes and stick them around  their office.  Even better, clients will often use your printed stick notes with your logo when sending notes to their clients.  What other promotional give carries such far reaching potential.  

If you're handling a direct mail campaign, why not add a single branded sticky sheet to each mailer, to make it feel more personal or perhaps you own a restaurant chain, in which case, a simple printed sticky note stuck to your menus can make your diners aware of your special offers.  By having your restaurant specials on a stick note it allows you to frequently change the offers without going to the expense of having your menus reprinted.

Branded company sticky note pads also prove very popular with companies who engage in door to door activities, if the client isn't in, a sticky note can be applied to their door making them aware you visited but no one was in.  A sticky note applied to the outside of the door is much more likely to be noticed thank simply a sheet of paper put through the letterbox.

Another sector which finds sticky pads with logos very useful is the professional services sector, whether it's lawyers, architects, surveyors or estate agents, they tend to need to gather a lot of signatures on various documents, a simple printed sticky note can indicate to the client exactly where to sign and even which copy to keep and which copy to return.  With the sticky pads being printed with your company logo and message it helps build brand awareness and loyalty much better then simply a plain post it note. 

Many tradesmen are utilising printed sticky pads to increase returning clients.  If you are an electrician, you could put a sticky note printed with your message beside the fuse box printed with your contact details incase of emergency.  Or a gas engineer could stick a printed post it note inside the boiler with the date the next service is due.

We are one of the first companies in the UK able to offer sticky pads on brown kraft paper.  Kraft paper printed sticky pads look amazing and offer an environmentally friendly look and feel.  If this fits with a companies branding it is a excellent addition.  When ordering branded sticky pads on brown kraft paper we'd only recommend printing 1 colour, ideally black.  This will give the best impact and many other colours can be lost on the brown kraft paper sticky pads due to the dark background.

You can also order custom shaped sticky pads.  Whether, your an estate agent wanting custom shapes sticky pads in the shape of a house or vet looking for bespoke sticky pads in the shape of a bone we can assist with almost any shape.  The pads are able to be full printed and customised as well as cut to a bespoke shape which means it really can elevate your marketing campaign to then next level when designed correctly.

Technical Information
Claro Print’s Custom sticky notepads are a great promotional product that will keep your brand message in front of clients all day long. Our branded sticky notepads are available in a range of sizes and shades of paper. Print in 1, 2 or 3 Pantone colours or in Full Colour with your logo and message. Great for all those little reminder memo notes that you need to leave your friends and colleagues.

We provide personalised sticky notepads at three standard sizes 75x75mm,  A7 and 75x125mm. 

A7 custom sticky notes (75x105mm)
A7 is the classic rectangular sticky note pads format made popular by the original Post It notes.
You can print in 1, 2 or 3 Pantone colours or you can print in full colour to the face with a removeable adhesive strip on the reverse. Each pad has 50 leaves of quality 80gsm paper making every single one of your branded sticky notes a great promotional opportunity.

75x75mm (3"x3") custom sticky notes
If you need square sticky note pads then the ever-popular 75x75mm (3"x3") size is just the job.
Print in 1, 2 or 3 Pantone colours or in Full Colour to the face with a removeable adhesive strip on the reverse. Each pad has 50 leaves of quality 80gsm paper making each and every one of your sticky notes a great promotional opportunity.

75x125mm (3"x5") custom sticky notes
If you need a sticky pad that's just a little bit larger than A7 (but smaller than A6) the the 75x125mm (3"x5") size is popular.
Print your sticky note pads in 1, 2 or 3 Pantone colours or in Full Colour to the face with a removeable adhesive strip on the reverse. Each pad has 50 leaves of quality 80gsm paper making each and every one of your sticky notes a great promotional opportunity.

Free artwork check for your branded sticky note pads
We always give your sticky notepad artwork a thorough check to make sure your printed pads looks their best.


Bespoke Specification
If our standard size custom sticky notes don't meet your needs and you're looking for something that's more bespoke printing then all options are possible. 
Join us now on live chat to discuss your specific needs.

Need a special size or colour?
Need 25 leaves or 100 leaves on your printed sticky note pad rather than the standard 50 leaves?
Need block sticky pads or shaped sticky pads?

Just ask!

Printed sticky note pads are subject to VAT


Print and paper quality
At Claro Print we make sure your custom sticky note pads are printed to the highest possible quality. Our standard personalised sticky pads are printed on 80gsm uncoated writing paper and come with 50 leaves per pad. You can select from options to print in 1, 2 or 3 colours or print full colour. Our 1, 2 and 3 colour print options are perfect if your message or company logo need to be printed with specific Pantone (PMS) colours while our low cost full colour printing option gives you the ability to reproduce company logos, messages and colour images in CMYK, full colour printing. Even on the smallest quantities we use traditional litho printing technology in order to give the very best results.

When it comes to the adhesive strip on the reverse, your pads are produced using the industry standard low-tack adhesive as used on all branded Post it notes. You can rest assured that the print area on the surface of the leaf below will always remain in perfect condition and that the print quality will not be adversely affected by the adhesive.  

On the standard landscape format personalised sticky note pads, the adhesive strip runs along the long edge of the pad. While it is possible to produce a custom sticky note pad in portrait format with the adhesive strip running on the short edge, this does have some cost implications so landscape is definitely best from a low cost printing perspective.

At the back of each sticky note pad a thicker backing sheet is attached, printed with a neutral grey pattern on a 140gsm white paper.

Coloured paper
The original Post-It notes that first came onto the market in the 1970s were of course produced on yellow paper and didn’t come with the option to print your own personalised message. Today most printed sticky note pads are produced on white paper (so that the appearance of the print isn’t affected by the colour of the paper) but we can print your sticky notes on yellow paper as well as a wide range of other paper colours. Alongside white, our coloured paper options include pink, yellow, green and blue. In addition to these shades, we offer neon ‘high vis’ shades in pink, yellow, orange, and green.   

Range of sizes
You will almost certainly be familiar with the two most popular sizes of sticky note pads. The original size of 75x105mm ( approximately A7 size) and the square format 75x75mm  (3”x3”). The smaller 3”x3” square pad is the same height as the A7 size but is shorter in width. Beyond these two popular formats, a slightly oversize A7 sticky note pad is available at 75x125mm and thereafter all the usual sizes such as A6, A5 and A4 are possible as well as bespoke sizes to meet your specific sticky notes requirements.

When it comes to the design of your custom sticky notes, you need to bear two things in mind: funk and function.
Sure you want your branded sticky notes to be just that little bit funky so that they will stand out from the crowd and grab attention - after all, that is why you are buying personalised sticky notes with your own particular message and logos etc., but remember not to get carried away - as each leaf still has to function as a sheet for taking and sharing information and a sticky note pad that is branded beyond the point of use is, well,  not fit for purpose. So make sure you always leave enough room to write your message and don’t let the print overwhelm the purpose of the pad.   

Shaped sticky note pads
If you need your branded sticky pads to be shaped to further enhance your message then we have a wide range of shaped sticky note pad options available as standard: circles, hearts, cars and cakes - just check out the list of shaped sticky note pads. Of course if you have something specific then we can make a cutter in the exact shape of your artwork in order to get you just what you need. Just give us a call or join us on Live Chat to discuss your needs.

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