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Print, Pack, Swag: The Total Swag Service From Claro Print

Discover Claro Print's comprehensive and efficient total swag solution for businesses seeking custom promotional merchandise. From top-quality branded swag to worldwide shipping, streamline your process with us and enhance your brand's visibility.


Establishing a strong brand presence is key to success. Branded swag or custom promotional merchandise, significantly boosts brand recognition and loyalty among clients and employees. However, managing the entire swag process can be overwhelming for businesses. Claro Print, the leading solution provider for custom promotional merchandise, offers an all-in-one swag solution that optimises your brand's visibility with top-notch printing, efficient storage, worldwide shipping, and a wide range of customisation options. Explore how Claro Print can be your ultimate partner in elevating your brand presence through an effective total swag solution.

High-Quality Branded Swag Printing:

Claro Print's world class team will advise you on the top products that will make your custom promotional merchandise stands out. By applying your brand identity to to notch products, we pressent your brand with vibrant colours and sharp designs. Capture attention and make a lasting impact with professionally printed branded swag that reflects the essence of your brand.

Customisation for Brand Identity:

Claro Print tailors your custom promotional merchandise to perfectly align with your brand's personality and message. Claro Print offers a full range of customisation options, making your branded swag memorable and unique. We know what print techniques work best on each product and guide you through the uncertainty.

Streamlined Efficiency:

By choosing Claro Print's total swag solution for custom promotional merchandise, you save valuable time and resources. We free you up to focus on your core business activities by handling the entire process, from printing to worldwide shipping.

Secure Storage Solutions:

Managing inventory is a real logistical challenge, but Claro Print's secure storage facilities keep your custom promotional merchandise in pristine condition until it's ready for distribution. And we give you full visibility of stock levels with predictive notification of re-order thresholds 24 hours a day.

Pick and Pack Services:

With Claro Print's pick and pack services, fulfilling individual orders or preparing custom promotional merchandise bundles for events becomes a breeze. Your branded swag is prepared with precision and for delivery throughout the UK and globally. And for exhibitions and events, our 'bring it' service delivers your promo swag direct to your booth the day before the event commences, saving you time and hassle whilst allowing you to travel light.

Global Reach:

Claro Print's worldwide shipping network allows to yo expany your brand's reach. Whether you operate locally, nationally, or internationally, your custom promotional merchandise can make an impact in markets far beyond your immediate reach.

Commitment to Sustainability:

Claro Print's dedication to eco-friendly printing methods and packaging aligns with the values of conscious consumers. By taking Claro's recommendations about the best eco-friendly and sustainable promotional options, you showcase your brand as a socially responsible entity and appeal to environmentally conscious audiences.

Excellent Customer Support:

Enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience with Claro Print's expert customer support team. Your questions or concerns are promptly addressed by our team of experts, ensuring your total swag journey for custom promotional merchandise is smooth and efficient.


So, if you're searching for a comprehensive and efficient total swag solution for custom promotional merchandise to enhance brand recognition, Claro Print is the ultimate partner. From high-quality branded swag printing to worldwide shipping and sustainability commitment, Claro Print streamlines your custom promotional merchandise process and elevates your brand presence. Discover the power of branded swag and unlock new opportunities for your UK business with Claro Print's all-in-one solution.

Start enhancing your brand today!

--- If you'd like to discuss how Claro assists you in all your branded merch and swag requirments, our experts are here to guide you through every step of the journey. Call: 0207 118 1411 Email:

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