Living in the UK, our unpredictable weather traits make the likelihood of being caught in a downpour more likely than not. What does this mean for branded umbrellas?


Simply, the opportunities for use are almost endless - Name a month of the year that it doesn’t rain?


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Why look for a Branded Umbrella

The idea of a branded umbrella may seem a bit strange at first. However, they are certainly worth considering when planning your marketing spend. In this case, the benefit of our turbulent weather means that a branded umbrella will be used and seen on a regular basis, without a doubt. 


A custom printed umbrella allows for your logo or brand message to be seen on a large scale and can be used as a good way to remind customers of your company branding and messages. A branded umbrella lends itself to the promotions trade as it offers great branding potential in that it can be customised in a multitude of ways. The large and colourful nature of custom printed umbrellas means your business can make its mark in a simple, yet innovative manner.

Not only can a custom printed umbrella be used when the skies part like the red sea,  the dual purpose of promotional umbrellas allow for them to become mini parasols in the rare days we do get some sunshine. Is there ever likely to be a day when your branding isn’t on show?

How to use an umbrella without being a public safety menace

Possible Uses For Branded Umbrellas

The most common use for a custom umbrella which is often evident can be pinpointed to the corporate golf umbrella. A branded golf umbrella makes for a perfect promotional item but it also practical and (hopefully) stylish. This form of marketing can create a brilliant impact in terms of longevity. Name another item which acts as a walking advertisement to new and existing customers?


Of course a custom printed umbrella is not just limited to the golf course. Walking clubs, health events and any other opportunity which encourages exercise and a healthy lifestyle can act as a prime location for umbrella advertising!


Custom Umbrellas work nicely in tandem with not only promotional items but also branding exercises as they offer unlimited branding potential. This highly perceived value can be utilised in lots of different ways. These items can be given as gifts to customers , potential customers or even employees. Branded Umbrellas can be used to display your message in such a way that a long lasting impression is left on your target.


There is also the fact that custom umbrellas hold a huge level of potential in terms of resale value. If your marketing team have built your brand name in a positive light, your customers will feel they can relate to the brand. Make sure this is the case and your promotional merchandise items (such as custom printed umbrellas) will sell themselves, never mind being used for giveaways!


Is there anything better than selling your merchandise and then reaping the benefits of your customers advertising your business for you?

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Technical Information

Example Sizes

  • 30" Golf Umbrella with wooden handle 100 x 130 cm dia

  • 21.5" Foldable Umbrella, supplied with a pouch 24 x 97 cm dia

  • 23" Auto Open Umbrella 80 x 102 cm dia

Example Print Area

  • 30" Golf Umbrella 310 x 350 mm 

  • 21.5" Foldable Umbrella 140 x 230 mm (Transfer) / 150 x 240 mm (Screenprint)

  • 23" Auto Open Umbrella 150 x 260 mm (Transfer) / 190 x 270 mm (Screenprint)

Printing Methods
Direct Print / Screen Print / Dye Sublimation

File Type / Resolution
All files should be supplied as print ready PDFs set to print at 300dpi or above.

These specifications are not exhaustive - the possibilities are endless!

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