Annoying phone calls? Stressful day? Custom stress balls provide an excellent stress reliever that can be squeezed by its users on a regular basis. 


Why wouldn’t you want your clients or employees to be part of a calmer, stress free world?


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Custom printed stress balls
Custom printed stress toy
Custom printed stress reliever
Branded stress toys
Custom branded stress ball

Why look for a Branded Stress Balls/Toys

A great option for a high paced working environment, custom stress balls or toys provide a great option for a business gift because of their lightweight and small nature.


Currently, the likelihood is that your marketing department places a strong focus on more modern, digital marketing campaigns. It however would be foolish to forget about advertising techniques that have worked for years. Custom stress balls or toys represent promotional merchandise in a strong light. Affordable, effective and sometimes even fun! An added bonus also being that nature won’t be harmed when they are eventually thrown away. Exposing your company name for months on end will create brand retention and awareness amongst clients and employees alike, without any negative environmental effects.


If you are looking to promote your brand or campaign message, a squeezy promotional gift could help you make an instant impression . Brightly coloured or creative stress balls / toys can help you do exactly that. Staying on the recipients desk for months on end, these sorts of promotional items can allow for maximum, long term business exposure.


Most marketing spend tends to allow little bang for your buck. Custom stress balls or toys however provide an exception. Your budget should allow you to order enough to cover all your employees  as well as both current and future clients for the foreseeable future.


The promotional marketing potential of including your brand message or even contact details on a custom stress item cannot be underestimated. Everytime someone reaches for the item, they will receive a timely reminder of your company.

How Workplace Stress Impacts Engagement and Productivity

Possible Uses For Branded Stress Balls/Toys

Custom made stress balls or toys are an excellent way to draw attention to your current marketing campaign. Trade Shows, gifts with purchases - the opportunities to hand out your branded items are unlimited. A unique item is always likely to stand out in a crowded mess of free giveaways - a branded stress ball or toy isn’t quite the norm.

Also ideal as a corporate gift, a custom branded stress item will be noticed and handled by idle hands in all workplaces on a regular basis.


Whatever the requirements for your marketing campaigns, promotional stress toys can help push out your message and reduce stress, simultaneously!

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Technical Information

Example Sizes

  • Football stress reliever 60 mm dia

  • Heart stress reliever 50 x 60 x 70 mm

  • Igoo the stress reliever man 55 x 30 x 100 mm

  • Speech bubble stress reliever 45 x 67 x 84 mm

Example Print Area

  • Football stress reliever 30 x 20 mm (Pad print) / 30 x 25 mm (Laser Engraving)

  • Heart stress reliever 25 x 15 mm

  • Igoo the stress reliever man 20 x 20 mm (Pad print) / 25 x 25 mm (Laser Engraving)

  • Speech bubble stress reliever 60 x 30 mm

Printing Methods
Pad print / Laser Engraving / Screenprint

File Type / Resolution
All files should be supplied as print ready PDFs set to print at 300dpi or above.

These specifications are not exhaustive - the possibilities are endless!

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