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beer mats

Sitting in a bar or restaurant looking down the funnel of your glass, you wouldn't expect to be hit with a strong marketing campaign. For that simple reason, custom beer mats have become a common marketing tool used by the UK’s top brands.


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Custom Beer Mats

Why Get Custom Printed Beer Mats?

Looking to boost your brand? Want to introduce your customers into a new world of marketing? Is it not said that the best ideas are created over a drink? So why can’t the best campaigns be displayed ‘under’ a drink. 


Custom beer mats are designed and created to absorb all that can be thrown at them and can be printed either single or double sided.


Produced to compliment key marketing concepts, custom beer mats provide an affordable and memorable marketing solution for your product, service or even campaign message. Far more interesting than a poster behind the bar or on the wall that nobody takes notice of - a printed beer mat sits physically on a table within touching distance of its target market. Printed beer mats don’t just act as your typical, gimmicky promotional item - they can be utilised to deliver powerful images and an unrivalled marketing statement.


Is there any other promotional item which acts as a constant carrier of your message? A coaster or beer mat personalised with your brand only serves to reinforce it as a premium and professional offering.  You can also tie it in to your other marketing materials like your printed bar runners to give an all encompassing marketing message to the bar goers.


Picture you’re Friday night in your local bar- sitting with your drink, talking away. Your custom beer mat is starring your target client right in the face. There’s no getting away from it, no throwing it in the bin (we’d hope) and certainly no not noticing its presence. Potential customers could easily spend several hours with your brand message staring them right in the face.


Not just limited to bars and restaurants however, when distributed to customers and staff, printed beer mats could potentially stay on a person’s desk for months on end!

Possible Uses For Branded Metal Water Bottles?

Unbeknown to most,  beer mats offer a multi-purpose solution to your more abstract promotional marketing needs. Custom beer mats aren’t just a necessity for bars and restaurants, they also provide an ideal solution for promoting your brand at marketing events and for giveaways along with your other items like flyers and sticky pads. Produced with your own design, your inner creative will be sure to grab the attention of potential customers!


Now it’s really time to think outside the box!


Beer mats can be printed on both sides - one side with your brand message. The other, a game? A trivia question? Keep your guests entertained with some unusual marketing and they will definitely remember you, and your company.


Make your brand highly visible with some custom printed beer mats!

Technical Information
Standard Sizes

Standard Round Printed Beer Mat: 94mm Diameter
Standard Square Printed Beer Mat: 94mm Square with rounded corners

Hexagonal Custom Beer Mat: 98mm Point to Point
Small "Continental" Round printed Beer Mat: 75mm Diameter
Rugby Ball Beer Mats: 118.5x80mm
Heart Shaped Beer Mats: 104x94mm

Custom shaped beer mats and Custom Sized beer mats are available

Print Area
You are able to fully brand right to the edge of the area stated above.  In order to have imaged flooding off the edge we ask you to supply your print files with 3mm bleed on all edges.

All beer mats are produced using a CMYK full colour printing process.

File Type / Resolution
All files should be supplied as print ready PDFs set to print at 300dpi or above.

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