Often undervalued, Paper bag printing is one of the best ways to promote your brand message. Even better, you can get your customers to do this for you, for free.


Looking to make your brand stand out from the crowd? A branded paper bag is the perfect replacement for the dreaded, environmentally unfriendly plastic alternative.


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Personalised Shopping Bags

Why look for  Branded Paper Bags?

Looking to get creative with your marketing promotions? Printed paper bags offer a full customiseable platform to display your name, logo, colours and any other designs or ideas you want to use in an attempt to capture the attention of both your current, past and prospective customers.


An added bonus to throw into the mix - these custom paper bags are reusable meaning you’ll reap the benefits of people showing off your bag all over town. What better way to ensure that people see your brand name again and again and again….


Even better, by being fully customiseable, you can easily follow brand guidelines thanks to bespoke creations. With everything made to order you can select your size, colour, design laminate or gloss and even choose whether you want to finish off with twisted, rope or ribbon handles. The choice is yours!


On the other hand, a printed paper bag can also be used to add enforced branding for a compliment or product. Branding and packaging are essential to successfully promoting your brand and as a result, the two are closely related. Your packaging should be created in such a way that you can build your brand, making it easy for consumers to spot the products that belong to your company.


Finally, the use of paper bags also appeals to many companies from a CSR point of view. Paper bags decompose at a far quicker rate than plastic and are therefore, less likely to be a force of litter and take away added risk to wildlife. Paper is more widely recyclable whilst only 1% of plastic is recycled. Sounds like a good way to get your brand some positive PR!?

Possible Uses For Branded Paper Bags

A printed paper bag is not simply just a bag with your logo on it. Think about it…

A printed paper bag acts as a walking billboard, a giant business card or even a flyer!

Portable, reusable and eye catching (if created and displayed correctly) , a custom paper bag can be an extremely effective marketing mechanism. 

Some uses for branded paper bags can be found below:

  • Shopper Bags

  • Goody Bags

  • Product samples

  • Gift Bags

Clients who buy these are also often interested in:

Technical Information

Example Sizes

  • Small Gift Bag 160 x 100 x 230mm

  • Coloured Paper Bag small 155 x 140 x 80mm

  • Medium Paper Bag with Coloured Trim 240 x 290 x 115mm

  • White Paper Bag with Twisted Handles large 320 x 420 x 130mm

Example Print Area

  • Small Gift Bag 50 x 30mm

  • Small Paper Bag 110 x 40mm

  • Medium Paper Bag with Coloured Trim 180 x 180mm

  • Large Paper Bag 250 x 250mm

Printing Methods
Screen print / Digital print / Litho print / Flexo print

File Type / Resolution
All files should be supplied as print ready PDFs set to print at 300dpi or above.

These specifications are not exhaustive - the possibilities are endless!

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