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Why Get Branded Notepads?
Printed notepads are one of the most versatile branding opportunities your companies can use.  They offer a fantastic
platform to convey your corporate message to clients.   

Every sheet within every printed notepad you receive carries your company branding, this branding stays front of mind on your clients desk all year round.  The fact that you have 50 branded sheets being used by your client equates to an outstanding return on your marketing investment.  The cost per impression for printed notepads is by far one of the lowest cost per impression you will find of any promotional item.


Branded notepads and custom notepads are not only a great method to promote your business but they are also incredibly useful.
Your clients will keep your custom printed notepad on their desk ready to jot notes down and subsequently circulate your brand internally within their business.  Printed notepads are an old technology, but they serve their purpose perfectly.  

Whilst using notepads on smartphone is a popular method of note taking nowadays, the printed notepads mustn't be overlooked.  They are perfectly designed and people prefer to write notes down on paper.  Custom printed notepads are fast and easy to use as you don't need any technology to operate this.


Possible Uses For Printed Note Pads?

Printed notepads are useful in every sector for any company type.  Printed notepads are excellent for companies of any size.  
Custom notepad make outstanding promotional gifts for trade shows, corporate giveaways and prizes. 

Branded notepads are a crucial item for many industries.  Below is a list of some possible industries and uses for custom notepads;

Restaurants + Cafes
Whilst there are undoubtedly restaurants, bars and cafes taking orders electronically, printed notepads are still a well used item in this industry.  Many brands are using cleverly designed custom notepads for their waiters to be able to quickly and easily note dot orders and hand over to the kitchen staff seamlessly, with printed notepads there is no need to worry about expensive computer systems or IT failures.

Hotels + Hospitality
Hotels and other hospitality businesses are big consumers of printed notepads.  They act as a vital tool for hotel guests as well as a valuable branding opportunity.  A printed notepad can be left in each room to allow the guests to take important notes.  The number of sheets can be varied on each custom printed notepad.  For hotel room notepads it's quite common to have 10 sheets per printed notepad.  Sometimes even as low as 5 sheets per pad.  This helps minimise the cost whilst still keeping the hotel brand front of mind.

A lot of hotels also host events and conferences, it is quite common that larger notepads are produced to be given to each delegate upon arrival.  These printed conference notepads tend to have more sheets per pad than the hotel room notepads, but not as many and a standard pad.  Most commonly conference pads would be produced with 25 sheets per pad.

Corporate Gifts
Almost all businesses will have branded goods, these are used to hand to clients as well as circulate internally to staff.  By giving out printed notepads with your corporate message printed on each sheet you help to solidify the company brand identity and align your staff with the corporate vision.

At trade shows and events printed custom notepads are an excellent gift as the users find them incredibly useful as well as having the added benefit of keeping your name in their mind.

Printed notepads are a great tool for staff meetings as it allows team members to take notes when listening to the chairman or sales director.  The printed notepads are useful for making notes about KPIs and new strategies.

Tourist Attraction Gift Shops
Museums, tourist attractions and visitor centres often have give shops which are well stocked with promotional merchandise and branded goods.  Gift shops often sell branded notepads to tourists as souvenirs of their trip.  

Children and adults alike love printed notepads, they act as a lovely reminder of their trip, they are also thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones.  Printed notepads are a timeless gift.

Technical Information For Printed Notepads?

When it comes to technical information for printed notepads there are a number of areas worth mentioning.  

Notepad printing can be completed in a number of ways, the deciding factor tends to be the run length of the order.  Notepads will be printed wither by a litho or a digital process.  Digital notepad printing is good for smaller quantities as it is not as fast and efficient as litho.


The actual number of sheets required to make one notepad can vary, but run lengths tend to be larger than expected.  For example, on an order for 1000 printed notepads, each notepad having 50 individual printed sheets would equate to 50,000 individual sheets.  For this reason litho printing is the most common method of production for printed notepads.

Ink Colours
Notepad printing can be done using a number of colours, they can be printed using CMYK process inks, as well as corporate brand colours called pantone inks.  Pantone Inks tend to be used on printed notepads when a brand has a very specific brand colour which is important for them to present a consistent brand image across all their corporate merchandise.

- CMYK / Process / Full Colour Notepad Printing
- Pantone Ink Notepad Printing
- Metallic Ink Branded Notepads

- Neon Ink Notepads

Number of Sheets
Custom notepads can contain as many or as few sheets as required some common sheet numbers are noted below along with common uses.

5 Printed sheets per pad (Hotel Rooms Printed Notepads)

10 Printed sheets per pad (Hotel Rooms Printed Notepads)
25 Printed sheets per pad (Printed conference notepads)

50 Printed sheets per pad (This is the most common number of sheets for printed notepads)

100 Printed sheets per pad (Larger corporate giveaways)

Paper Types
Printed notepads tend to come in a few different standard weights, but as they are 100% custom made, we can use any paper stock you wish some of the most common paper weights and types are noted below.

80gsm Uncoated
100gsm Uncoated
80gsm Uncoated Recycled
100gsm Uncoated Recycled


Paper Sizes
Being custom made the printed notepads can be produced to any size, but there do tend to be standard sizes are the most common a note of which is listed below.

A7 Branded Notepads (74x105mm)
A6 Custom Notepads (105x148mm)
A5 Printed Notepads (210x148mm)
A4 Printed Notepads (210x297mm)
A3 Printed Deskpads (420x297mm)
A2 Large Printed Deskpads (594x420mm)
210x210mm Printed Notepads
148x148mm Printed Notepads

Special Finishes

As with all printed materials you can add custom finishes to ensure your product stands out from the rest.  Promotional printed notepads are no different.

Some of the special finishes you can add to give your printed notepads the real wow factor are listed below.

Wrap Cover Printed Notepads
Custom Shaped Printed Notepads
Hot Foil Blocking
Neon Inks
Spot UV Varnish
Variable Printing - Each sheet within the printed notepad with different information

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