Flyers and Leaflets are an incredible promotional tool for your business,
there is a vast selection of possibilities.  

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Flyers & Leaflets

Why Use Flyers and Leaflets?
Printed flyers and leaflets are at the core of many marketing campaigns.  They are an incredible resource for spreading your corporate message far and wide.   Printed flyers are a low cost marketing solution with the price point often allowing for mass mailing campaigns.  

Printed leaflets are environmentally friendly as the use a naturally occurring resource which is managed to ensure the sustainability.  Nowadays there are actually more trees in the world than there were 100 years ago.  This is, in part, down to the printing industry and the increase in door to door mailing campaigns and direct mail campaigns all of which consisted of printed leaflets and printed flyers.


Whether you have a database of 100 clients that you want to send a printed mailshot to or you are a large e-commerce company and you do regular mail drops door to door to help stimulate repeat business target direct mail campaigns are invaluable.

Possible Uses For Flyers and Leaflets?
There are almost unlimited possibilities for custom flyers and leaflets when it comes to business and marketing, you need only be limited by your imagination, some possible flyer sizes and uses include;

A4 Flyers (210x297mm) - Takeaway menu flyers, Bar menus, Restaurant menus, Place mats, Newspaper flyer inserts, Technical specifications
A5 Flyers (210x148mm) - Door drop flyers, Product flyers, Sales flyers, Data collection forms, Menu flyers, Pamphlets, Standard flyers 

A6 Flyers (105x148mm) - Postcard size flyers, Tickets, Vouchers, handouts, Competition flyers, Nightclub flyers
A7 Flyers (105x74mm) - Appointment cards, Invitations, Reminders, Street handouts
A8 Flyers (74x52mm) - Cloakroom tickets, Money off voucher, Sales literature, Swing tickets

DL Flyers - (210x99mm) - Compliment slip sized flyers, Point of sale flyers, Money off flyers
Custom Size flyers - You can create flyers and leaflets to any size you wish, just live chat and tell us your exact measurement for an accurate quote.

Custom Finishing Options For Flyers and Leaflets

Die Cutting

Flyers and leaflets can be die cut into unique shapes to enhance your brand and help your marketing literature stand out from the crowded market place.  You can die cut your flyers to any shape you can imaging, house shaped flyers are great for estate agents, bone shaped flyers are brilliant for vets and round flyers make an interesting marketing piece for almost any business and really helps you stand out from the crowd with your printed literature.

If the design to be cut if very intricate, laser cutting can be used on flyers in some instances, but there are certain limitations.


Laminated Flyers

When it comes to laminating your flyers there are a few options to choose from, all of which have a very distinct look and feel and are therefore suitable for different situations.

Lamination is a thin plastic film that is applied to the top of the flyer surface.  This acts as a protective coating and also enhances the look and feel of the end product when it is received by your client.  As lamination is an additional process once your flyers have been printed it does incur an additional charge.  Due to the fact it is more expensive as a finishing option, it is normally reserved for leaflets and flyers that aren't mass mailings.  It is more used when promoting a high end product or service.

Gloss Lamination - Gloss laminated flyers give a real zing and brightness, it's excellent for products that you want to make look great.

Matt Lamination - Matt laminated flyers look silky smooth and are an incredible in making your business look more slick and professional.
Soft Touch Lamination - Soft touch laminated flyers have a velvety feel which can add a little touch of class to your leaflets and flyers.

Spot UV Varnish On Flyers

Spot UV varnish is an excellent way to make your flyers really stand out.  Spot UV is a varnish which is applied on top of your leaflet or flyer, it is a high gloss area which is applied to only certain sections of the flyer. 

Spot UV on flyers works best when there is a contrast between the paper stock and the high gloss varnish.  So a silk flyer with spot UV is a lovely finish, or even better is a flyer which is matt laminated and then a spot UV varnish applied over the lamination.  You can use spot UV varnish on your flyers to create really interesting effects.  This helps increase response rates as it instantly catches the attention of your client when they receive your flyer or leaflets.

With spot UV you can also add scents and glitter for a real wow factor, this tends to be used on children's books rather than flyers and mail shots due to the cost, but if you have reasonable budget for your flyers there is no reason that you can't use spot UV to make a major impact.

Hot Foil Blocking on Flyers

Foil blocking is a way to add a real touch of class to printed flyers.  Foil is used to create a highly shiny area, foil is applied  by creating a metal die which is heated to release the foil from a roll and adhere to the flyer surface.  It creates a very high end look and feel.  Due to the cost, it isn't suitable for a lot of flyers, but where your budget allows it will certainly make you stand out in the market place.

Nowadays you aren't limited to the traditional gold or silver foils.  You can add, clear, iridescent or holographic foils to your flyers to create all kinds of amazing finishes.

Pantone Colours on Flyers
Nowadays, most flyers and mass mailings are printed using CMYK (Full colour) inks.  This helps keep the cost levels under control, especially on larger runs.  In certain cases, many companies still prefer to use their corporate brand colours called pantone or PMS colours.  

This is an ink which is matched exactly to their corporate brand.  You can add a pantone as a 5th colour or print only using pantone colours.  The process requires more washing to the machines and therefor is more expensive but where corporate colours are critical for your flyers then it is an option that can be added to ensure your collateral all works together as a marketing suite.

Paper Options For Flyers and Leaflets
Paper Weights
When it comes to paper weights, the lower the number the lighter the paper will feel.  Each paper weight has it's own uses and flyers and leaflets can be produced on any weight depending on the intended use of the flyer or your target market.

80gsm  - Very light paper, good for very high volume flyers and mailers
100gsm - Light weight, again for high volume mailers and leaflets

130gsm - This is the weight for standard flyers like takeaway menus 
170gsm - Perfect for a more upmarket flyer where you have a little more budget and wish to make a bigger impact to the reader
250gsm - A mid weight card, perfect for flyers intended to be retained for a while
350gsm - Very upmarket paper for a flyer, more designed to be used for vouchers etc
400gsm - Very thick card, more intended to be used for business cards rather than flyers.


There are many different interim weights which can be used for flyer and leaflets also, but these are the most common weights used in direct mail campaigns.

Paper Finishes
The paper finish you select for your flyer campaign is just as important as the weight of paper.  The different paper finishes give very different feels, so it can be very important depending of your target market.

Gloss / Glossy / Gloss Coated - This is a highly shiny paper stock, ideal for flyers intended to make an impact.
Silk / Silk Coated - A flyer on silk coated paper looks a little more subdued than gloss and often feels more upmarket.  This is the most popular.
Uncoated - Uncoated flyers are increasing in popularity as the rough surface feels environmentally friendly which is appealing to many users
Recycled - You get many different graded of recycled flyers, but it is made by reusing pulp from recycled sources.


Technical Information
- Flyer artwork should always be supplied in high resolution (300dpi or more)
- Always supply as a PDF document set to CMYK colour mode.  All RGB colours will be automatically converted.
- Any special finished like Spot UV or Foil should be set to 'over printing' as a separate layer.
- Please add 3mm bleed on all edges of flyer artwork