One of the first things most people do in the morning is to make themselves a hot drink - tea or coffee would be the answer for most. Hectic schedules mean most adhere to the ‘grab and go’ technique. Put your coffee in a cup and run into your meeting or out your front door for your morning commute. What if your brand could help these people out with a custom branded paper cup?


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Printed Paper Cups
Custom Paper Cups
Custom Printed Ice Cream Tubs

Why look for Custom Paper Cups

Using branded paper cups is an extremely impressive, yet cost effective way to promote your brand. Quite simply, an excellent advertising medium. By printing your brand message onto a custom printed paper cup, you reinforce your brand image in a non invasive yet powerful way. It’s an easy way to getting wider reach amongst a large variety of audiences.

Advertising on a paper cup has a great reputation for success in terms of reach and results in the marketing and printing world. The potential for strong levels of brand recall are endless since eye catching content and graphics printed on a custom paper cup are more likely  to be noticed when it’s staring you right in the face (literally). What is the likelihood of a consumer missing your message when it’s displayed in this way?

Printed paper cups hold an abundance of options in terms of sizes and styles meaning your design options are not limited.  From Single Wall and Double Wall insulated cups to branded paper ice cream cups!

In essence, having branded paper cups provides a platform for your company to pitch it’s brand message in an effective, professional and even environmentally friendly way.

Possible Uses For Custom Paper Cups

Custom branded paper cups have a limitless list of potential uses. The core and obvious use is of course to hold hot drinks - however, the give away potential for advertising is massive.


Cafes and bars with drinks to go options - pushing out your company branding after your customers have already been in your store. In addition to this, you also have fast food restaurants, restaurants and even food stands - all providing more than ample opportunity for branded paper cups! In addition to this, brands could also use these cups as giveaways at trade shows, exhibitions and other large events. 


Branded paper cups could also be used for internal company and press events as part of an affordable yet effective marketing push.

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Technical Information

Example Sizes

  • 4oz Single Wall Takeaway Cups Top Rim 61 mm dia / Bottom Rim 45 mm dia / Height 65 mm

  • 12oz Single Wall Takeaway Cups Top Rim 90 mm dia / Bottom Rim 56 mm dia / Height 115 mm

  • 8oz Double Wall Takeaway Cups Top Rim 80 mm dia / Bottom Rim 56 mm dia / Height 90 mm

  • 5oz Ice Cream Cups Top Rim 80 mm dia / Bottom Rim 65 mm dia / Height 45 mm (Dome Lids Available)


  • Single Wall Coffee Cups Full Colour Print, minimum 300gsm board, unlimited design options

  • Double Wall Coffee Cups Full Colour Print, can be Custom Printed up to 8 colours, minimum 300gsm board, unlimited design options

  • Ice Cream Cups Full Colour Print, can be Custom Printed up to 4 colours, minimum 265gsm board, unlimited design options

Printing Methods
Full colour print / 4 colour print / 8 colour print

File Type / Resolution
All files should be supplied as print ready PDFs set to print at 300dpi or above.

These specifications are not exhaustive - the possibilities are endless!

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