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Why Get Printed Compliment Slips?
Everyone likes to get a compliment don't they? So it makes perfect sense for your business or organisation to have have compliment slips printed. Compliment slips are one of the most common items of printed stationery in use across the world today. All kinds of business types use compliment slips to help reinforce and enhace their brand. A compliment slip helps you business present a professional image to the the world. It helps you tell suppliers and customers alike that you are an efficiently run organisation.


Uses for branded compliment slips?
Compliment slips can be many things: a 'thank you' note, a 'will you please' request, or a 'contact me' reminder. The standard size compliment slip is just right for popping into a printed DL envelope along with an invoice or letter. Some businesses use compliment slips as an alternative to letterheads, so rather than use a full size A4 letterhead every time they want to communicate a short message to their clients or suppliers, they simply take a compliment slip, write their message or print it out and pop it in the post. Nice and simple, and cost effective too.


Marketing Opportunities
Every piece of literature that crosses your client's desk is a marketing opportunity. Your printed business cards, branded note pads, printed letterheads and so. That's why you should make sure the marketing messages you send out are carefully crafted. 


Like printed letterheads, printed compliment slips can be enhanced in a number of ways. There is the option to print in full colour process (CMYK). This gives the flexibility to print most brand identities with a high degree of colour accuracy as well as giving the possibility to print full colour images. If a brand identity involves Pantone colours (PMS colours) then that is possible also and can be used to ensure text that is set in a small size font is crisp and sharp and legible.    

A compliment slip can also be used to communicate valuable messages about your brand. If you want to make a statement that your business is an upmarket, high value brand then you can emboss the surface of the compliment slip, giving a raised tactile effect. Alternatively you can add a metallic foil to create a highly reflective area, or a matt colour or even a holographic foil effect.

Technical Information
The standard European size for a compliment slip is 210x99mm (or 1/3 A4). When creating artwork files, they should be created at size 210x99mm with an additional 3mm for bleed. It is wise to leave an area inside the trim line as a safe zone. The safe zone can be printed on, but all critical content should be inside this area so that nothing important is trimmed off or jammed up against the edges. A safe zone of 10mm is a good rule of thumb on complimengt slip size documents.

Artwork files should be saved as high resolution print ready PDF files. If designing in Adobe InDesign, the file should be exported as a PDF using the setting PDF/X-1a:2001



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