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Business cards are your opportunity to make a first impression.

Make it count with luxury business cards with a wide range of additional finished available.

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Luxury business card
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Why Get Printed Business Cards?
Business cards are an essential part of every business person's marketing tool kit. When you need to get your contact details into a client's hand, what do you use? A business card of course. Business cards are compact, business cards are convenient, business cards are global. Wherever you are in the world, whatever kind of encounter you are having, a business card quickly conveys your contact details and a short marketing message.            


Sales people alway have a supply of printed business cards to hand, but lots of other professionals use business cards as well. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, florists, taxi drivers, the list is endless.

Uses for printed business cards?
The most common use for business cards is to pass on your contact details to a client or prospective client. The business card is essentially a quick and effective communication opportunity. Your brand, your message, your contact details all in one simple convenient format. But there are other uses too. You can leave your business cards in an area where you know prospective clients will find them. That is a less targetted way of distruting your business cards but it can still be highly effective. Aleterantively you can put a business card or two in with every letter you send or every invoice. Really any communication opportunity can be accompanied by a business card. 

Marketing Opportunities
Standing out from the crowd is important in all walks of life, but especially so when you want peole to remember your details. There are lots of ways to make your business cards extra special.

Business Card Sizes

The standard business cards in the UK and Europe is 55x85mm. The standard business card size in the USA is 51x89mm (or 2"x3.5")

Why not stand out from the crowd by going for a non-standard size? What about square business cards? Or circular business cards? Or bespoke shape die cut business cards? If you can imagine it, it can be printed. Of course non-standard specifiations will note be a slow cost as the standard business card specifications, but they are well worth the investment. 

Special Finishes

By adding a special finish to your business cards you are able to really make an impact. You can add lamination to one side or to both sides. Lamination is a thin film that covers the entire surface area. Lamination comes in matt, gloss or soft touch finish. By adding lamination to your business cards you create a luxury business card feel at a very cost effective level.

There are other finishes available too. What about adding spot UV varnish to one side of the card? Spot UV varnish on a business card gives to an option to add some extre lift to an image or a logo.  The spot UV varnish is an area of high gloss finish that is target on a specific area. You can create a besoke shape to be spot UV varnished so there are no real limitations on what can be done.

Another popular special effect that is used on business cards is foiling. Again, you can selct a specific area to be foiled. Normally the foiled area would be text matter - for example a company name or logo, or perhaps  your own name or role designation. The most common foil colours are silver foil and gold foil, though there are a range of other options such white foil, black foil, red foil, blue foil and even holographic foil. The possibilities are limitless.   

Technical Information


Weight of card
The weight of card used for business cards varies. 400gsm silk card is the most common and is the standard business card weight. A lighter weight of business card will carry the same content of course, but it will feel less robust. So if you need a large quantity print run of cards, a ligher weight card may provide a cost saving - though it will be at the expense of the rigidity of the business card.

Print area
A card has 2 sides - so it makes sense to print on the full area. Why waste a marketing opportunity by leaving the reverse side blank? When laying out the artwrok for your business card, it is wise to leave a 'safe zone' of 5mm on all edges. A safe zone is an area in which you should not place any critical content. The safe zone ensure no text will appear too close to the edges. You can print within the safe zone, but just don't place important text in that area.


If you want colour or images to run off the edges of the business card then add on 3mm of bleed so that there is no danger of picking up white edges when the business cards are rimmed to final size.

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