Branded Inflatables

Branded inflatable is an idea which stirs excitement among creatives. As a marketer, thinking outside the box (or branded inflatable) is what makes your business stand out from the crowd. 

How best can you capture the attention of your target market in a competitive zone?


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Why Get Branded Inflatables?

Thinking back.... have you ever attended an event in a professional or otherwise capacity and not had every brand in the near vicinity doing their absolute best to catch your attention?


Didn't think so…


Fancy signs, jumbo sized flags and even free giveaways of flyers, branded pens, custom Rubik's cubes and mugs. You've heard, seen and rejected them all before. Isn't a marketers key job role to be creative, make your brand stand out and win over new and existing customers? This won't be done by following the crowd. You need to think outside the box! 


Consider the next exhibition, open day or event you are planning. Promotional merchandise will be first on your list, closely followed by signage and even some form of branded notepads. Next should be a large branded inflatable. Creative, unusual and clever - make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Now just because you have a branded inflatable, we can't guarantee that your sales will multiply - but what will happen is, you'll be remembered. Have you ever heard of the AIDA model? Custom Inflatables can be used to capture awareness and interest in one swift branded beach ball (or whatever else your imagination can capture). Much like every other branding exercise - execution is key. You want to stand out from the crowd, but it is essential to stand out from the crowd in a positive way! Your graphic design team must know exactly what their designing for. This doesn’t just mean the target message but also making sure the design is right for your branded inflatable.


Take a branded beach ball for example; a dark and gloomy design isn't going to help you stand out, in fact, it might scare potential customers off! Branded inflatables should be fun and full of life, targeting the inner children in your customers. Get this right and you'll capture their attention, increase their desire to work with or buy from you and in turn, lead to a more fruitful business! This is an innovative technique used by marketers that stays in the minds of the target audience for a long time.


Possible Uses For Giant Branded Inflatables?
​Branded inflatables don't need to be basic - so much so that production limitations are endless. After all, Pablo Picasso once said , ‘ Everything you can imagine is real’


Have you ever watched the Champions league final and spotted an inflatable version of the trophy? Or even extra large inflatable tennis balls at Wimbledon? What about a giant crisp packet? In truth, these are the basic ideas. You're inflatable requirements need not stop there. Branded hot air balloons, bouncy castles and mascots don't even begin to scratch the surface.


Companies love branded inflatables as they act as a quick yet effective method to grab the attention of customers across all levels. Useful for short term events such as festivals or product launches or longer term needs like an attraction at the store front , a giant branded inflatable will certainly not go unnoticed.


Whether you are looking to launch your new product range with a bang or showcase your brand at an important industry event - a branded inflatable could make all the difference for your campaign.


Technical Information
Print Area
Custom inflatables are able to be fully customised with your corporate colours and pantone references.   

We offer a design service for inflatables which we always recommend you use.  Creating giant inflatables isn't like laying out a business card, there are a multitude of different points to consider as the finished article will be 3D.  When using our design service we will ask you to supply rough drawings an mockups of what you are looking to have created.  From there our designers will get to work to create your own personalised, one of a kind inflatable.  


Once the design has been produced we will send a number of different view point elevations for you to over look and approve. 

Lead Time
The lead time for a giant inflatable is really determined by a number of factors, size, design complexity quantity etc.  As a rule of thumb you should be allowing 3-4 weeks although in many cases we are able to provide an express service.

Giant inflatables come in a wide range of materials, form thin PVC for floating helium filled styles to more hard wearing, heavy duty tarpaulin style PVC for more permanent inflatables like bouncy castles etc.  Our team will be able to recommend the most appropriate material base on your needs, time frame, intended use and design.

You may need additional equipment for filling, or tethering.  We are able to supply everything you may need.  We will always recommend the most appropriate fixings and fillings.  From sandbags and pegs to hand fans, helium canisters an LED Lights.  We'll make sure you have everything you need to ensure your branded inflatable makes the impact you're aiming for.

File Type / Resolution
All files should be supplied as print ready PDFs set to print at 300dpi or above.  Logos should be supplied in vectorised format, ideally EPS file type.

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