The average person uses three plastic water bottles per week, that’s nearly 160 in a single year. Surely this isn’t a sustainable option for the environment moving forward.  The solution in this case is simple, Branded Metal Water Bottles (reusable, practical and cost efficient).


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Customised Metal Water Bottles

Why Get Branded Metal Water Bottles?

Eco marketing is the practice of improving ecology and economy of marketing through sustainable marketing and green back end business practices. With circa 38.5 million plastic bottles used every day in the UK and less than 15 million of these being recycled, surely as marketers, something can be done to reduce these horrifying figures. The simple answer to this, Brand Metal Water Bottles.


Modern company mindset places a massive focus on company based Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is a self regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable to not only itself but also its shareholders and the general public. Contributions towards CSR means a company chooses to operate in a way that enhances society and the environment, rather than bringing negative contributions.


Think about your office, how many employees have plastic water bottles on their desks or even plastic cups from the water machine? What if your marketing team provided you with company Branded Metal Water Bottles? Not only would employees save money, but they would also be helping to save the environment in the long run.


Aside from the CSR point of view, branded merchandise such as Metal Water Bottles can act as a fantastic promotional tool for your business. Giveaways at events and essentially free advertising from employees carrying around their cherished bottles.

Possible Uses For Branded Metal Water Bottles?

Branded Metal Water bottles are a fantastic personalised item which can act as giveaways for sports, outdoor marketing events, hospitality days, schools and clubs. As mentioned above,  branded reusable items like these are also ideal for those who are environmentally conscious. Branded water bottles also offer a fantastic area for your logo or specific campaign message. With a focus on customisation, these custom metal water bottles can be designed with different colours to match your ideas. No production limitations here!


Moving far beyond the CSR and Eco friendly notion, branded merchandise moves beyond the reusable aspect. Repeated re-use of your branded product will give you countless impressions and help to increase brand awareness. What does this mean? Strong Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) every time your water bottles are spotted! Custom metal water bottles can stay with their owners for many years, providing an excellent return for your promotional outlay!


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Technical Information
Standard Sizes

  • Standard Metal Water Bottle 255 x 71 mm dia

  • Sports Bottle 190 x 73 mm dia

Print Area

  • Pad/Screen Print Area    170 x 70 mm

  • Engraving Area    60 x 100 mm

Spot Colour / Full Colour / Engraved options available

File Type / Resolution
All files should be supplied as print ready PDFs set to print at 300dpi or above.

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